We have a new Website!  We like the Tulsa-centric look of the downtown murals.  We made the change because our old website wasn’t easy to use on cell phones and because visitors to our previous site got the impression that we only funded children’s programs.  Special thanks to artist Matt Moffett, for our Home page art, and to Kao Morris, at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center, for his mural photo highlighting our Statement of Inclusion.

Like many Tulsa funders, we are working to increase our funding for minority-led nonprofits, and nonprofits that focus their work in minority communities.  We have partnered with representatives of other foundations and members of minority communities to explore creative and effective ways of doing this that would work for a smaller foundation like ours.  This is still a work in progress.

We are currently looking for ways to make our application clearer, with questions that better reflect the spirit of what we want to know.  While we didn’t expect this to be an easy process, it has proven to be REALLY not an easy task!  Our profound thanks to those of you who took time to help us with this.

All of us at the Flint Family Foundation feel so happy and honored to work with Tulsa’s wonderful nonprofits.  You do the tough work that we cannot, and we are deeply grateful to you!